Sunday, January 1, 2012

Malaysian Communist Party

Communist Party

As I mentioned in the last post, the people became dissatisfied with their life. They had expected their life to revert back to the happy days before the war. However, they were still suffering from poverty, food and water shortage, unemployment, and sickness. They were sick of suffering, and I, myself, am sick of talking about how much they were suffering. They decided  to take things into their own hands. Of course, the communists helped. On one hand, the people of Singapore were forced to do labour jobs for meagre pay. They had to live without houses and deal with little food every day. On the other, communists came from the Malaysian Communist Party, and told stories of prosperous and peaceful communist nations. It was too much for them to take.

They began having rallies and protests against the British. They wanted to be free of the British and control Singapore on their own. The Communists, of course, encouraged this. They wanted Singapore to be a Communist nation. They were extremely successful, and caused many people to go to strike, one of the most famous being the Hock Lee Bus Riots. 4 people died in the riot and 31 were injured. Police had to use tear gas and water cannons to break up the fight. Hundreds of thousands of Singaporeans were delayed that day, and they couldn’t get to their jobs (if they had any). It was one of the worst riots in Singapore history.

Slowly, the British were losing their grip on Singapore. Thankfully, however, they weren’t too keen to keep Singapore going. Even though Singapore was a popular port, the British were running out of resources to give to the people. Plus, there were problems with the Communists, so they were considering letting Singapore go. Still, they decided to let Singapore go slowly, by slowly giving them more power over the government. (more on that in following posts)

In conclusion, Singapore was taking it’s first step to independence. It might have been complicated and violent, but it was a first step nonetheless. But it was also the calm before the storm. The calm before the battle between an epic battle that will change the course of Singapore history forever.

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