Monday, December 26, 2011

Post-War Singapore

Japanese thing

Even though the war ended on August 15th, 1945, there was a long period before the British could fully take over Singapore. In fact, it was only until September did the British send someone to Singapore. When they arrived, there was a MASSIVE cheer as they came, people had thought that it was the end of the 4 year suffering. They would finally have a good government that cared for them.

Unfortunately, they didn’t even have a proper governor that concentrated on the needs of the people. Instead, what Britain sent was a Military Administration. They cared most for the military and defending the country. This wasn’t what the people needed. They were starving and dying of thirst. They were suffering from diseases and sickness, and many did not have jobs or proper homes.

The Administration tried to do their best to fix it, of course. They built People and Family Restaurants that sold cheap food, fixed the port so that food and water could come in. They did their best to give homes and jobs to people, but it wasn’t enough. There were still hundreds of thousands who did not have jobs or homes, and many more without proper utilities. There were huge amounts of underage students. Eventually, people became unhappy, and this was what started Singapore’s independence from the British.

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