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The End of World War 2

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Unfortunately, it wasn’t just 1 bomb, it was 2. The bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima killed at least 150,000 people and possibly twice of that number. It made those places inhabitable for decades. All plants and animals around the area were eradicated. They were horrifying bombings. But they were the ones that ended World War 2.

Of course, the end of World War II did not start with the Nuclear bombs. It first started off with the Allies’ first victory. They recaptured Egypt from the Germans.After that, it escalated. Russia managed to drive off the Germans too. And then, they were driven out of Finland. Another large victory for the Allies was killing the Italian leader, Mussolini. Italy surrendered after that. Then on 30th April 1945, they had their biggest breakthrough: Hitler was dead. Hitler was and is known as the biggest tyrant of the World War. He was most known for his Holocaust, a mass genocide killing more than 6 million Jews. He had committed suicide after he saw that he was losing. With the death of Hitler, German troops from all over the world started to surrender, those in Italy, Berlin, Denmark, Netherlands, Baravia etc. and on 7th May 1945, Germany surrendered the German army. Germany and Italy had lost.

Japan was more difficult. They had conquered the most of Asia and were then targeting islands near Australia. It wouldn’t be easy to take back country by country from them. Instead, all they could do was stop them from taking over islands and attacking America. For example, America had to suffer heavy losses of both men and artillery when they stopped Japan from taking an island in the Coral Sea. Eventually, the situation got better, and the Allies were fighting back. General Douglas McArthur was defeated by the Japanese in a battle over Philippines in 1942. However, he vowed to come back, and in July 1944, they had won an epic battle over Philippines, with around 350,000 dead. Also, America had captured 2 Japanese islands, despite several groups of suicide bombers trying to stop them. They were still far from capturing Japan, though.

In the early 1945, America started to drop bombs (not nuclear) on Japan. Japan insisted that they would fight to the bitter end. After a while, America decided to use the newly developed atomic bombs. The results were catastrophic. Hiroshima had once been a city of great importance. Several Military camps were nearby, it was a communication center, a storage point, an assembly point for soldiers. It had over 350,000 citizens. Nagasaki had been one of the biggest sea ports. It was very important, as a lot of military equipment would be sent there. After the bombings, they became barren wastelands.

Hiroshima BeforeBefore and After Hiroshima

Hiroshima before the bombing         Hiroshima after the bombing

Nagasaki Before and After

Nagasaki before and after the bombing

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