Monday, September 26, 2011

The Surrender of Singapore

Basic CMYK

It’s Monday and all the homework is done, so I’m in a celebrative mood. Unfortunately, I don’t think the teachers will think that way, anyway, we’re starting filing everything. Plus 听写 is on Friday.

So anyway, It’s getting kind of late, and I have to finish this by 11, so this post won’t be too long.

Okay when we left off, it was on the different battles that Singapore faced. Well, after those battles, the war seemed pretty hopeless. Japan had captured the most of Singapore, except the Fort Canning Area, which was actually the British base! (It is, you might have seen Fort Canning before)

fort canning

Alright, so the British also realised that things didn’t look good for them. They were down to their last 500 or so soliders, while the Japanese had at least 10 times that amount of well trained soldiers. They wanted to put a stop to this. So they discussed their recent losses at Fort Canning and came to a conclusion: They would surrender to the Japanese.

Still, the constant reminders by Yamashita helped. He would constantly tell them to surrender and that resistance was futile. He hurried them to a decision, and in the end, they decided to surrender Singapore over to the Japanese.

But why was he so anxious to get Singapore. Remember, he had many more well-trained soldiers than the British. If they stayed longer, they would create a deeper impact of their power if they killed the British leaders. The answer was that the Japanese were also running out of resources (food, water, etc.) and they could not spend too much time in Singapore. If they ran out of resources before the British surrendered, they would have to retreat, and the British would still control Singapore. As Yamashita himself said, “It was a clever ruse, one that worked.”

At 17: 15 exactly, Percival ordered a formal retreat. The army, navy and air force had to surrender and there would be no more war until 3 hours later, when Singapore was officially under the Japanese. They would have to hand over everything, their weapons and military, as well as their codes and such.

Luckily, Percival had ordered for many important weapons to be destroyed earlier at 16:00. This included ciphers, codes, technical equipment, secret documents, and heavy guns. They also destroyed the naval base, which was sad, because it was never actually used in its whole lifetime.

Oh, and by the way, there was NO mad gunman there. It is just a plot twist by the author. Percival wanted to surrender on his own.


  1. I wonder what will happen if the British had persisted and did not surrender.

  2. The Japanese badly need the infamous Death Railway to be up asap to transport resources.

    The Lim Kiat Comicals can explore doing a comic for the railway by the river kwai too :)