Friday, September 23, 2011

The Ride into Singapore

It’s a 2 comic special today. Enjoy.

Comic 1:

Japanese Invasion of Singapore- Bicycles

The good news: My English and Chinese Oral are finally done! Hurray and all other celebrative terms.

The bad news: There are still many more exams to go.

The other bad news: The Practice Papers are coming in which means a lot more work for me…

OK, so that’s enough about my school life. It’s time to talk about the comic. The last time we left off, the Axis Powers had risen. Japan would take care of most of Asia. The Japanese army moved so quickly, that the other countries didn’t suspect a thing, and lots of countries in Asia were lost to Japan. As you can see from the black framed picture, the whole of Southeast Asia as well as most of Oceania (Oceania is Australia+ New Zealand+ All the other tiny countries on top of them) was captured by the Japanese.

japan power

So back to the bicycle thing. Well, the Japanese couldn’t attack Singapore from the sea, because it had giant guns pointing south to defend Singapore. They also wanted to find a more efficient method than dropping bombs through air attacks. Besides, Britain might also upgrade their planes to defeat the Japanese planes. Therefore they had to attack from land from the north of Singapore. However, the north was covered with thick forests, and it would slow the progress of the Japanese, which is not they wanted to do in a fast-paced World War. So, they used bicycles as well as light tanks to smash through the forests and attack Singapore. In fact, they also used it through Malaysia. Here are the paths they used:


Comic 2:

Basic CMYK

This comic is about the way Britain defended Singapore. As you can imagine, it wasn’t the best defense, as Japan conquered it, but it wasn’t too bad as well. Let’s see how it looks like…

A very big pic of a very dangerous war field

There were:

4 airfields for fighter planes to be launched and repaired (those plane things on the map)

10 GIGANTIC GUNS on Singapore. (The picture only shows 8, but there were 2 more on Palau Tekong) ((Those are the ‘X’ s on the map))

And the Naval Base. (That building like thing on the map)

The Naval Base was first created because Singapore was a successful port, and Britain wanted to defend it. Back then, it was still the early 1920s, and Britain didn’t think that they had too much to worry about. The work was very slow.

It was only speeded up in the 1930s. The first signs of World War 2 started to show, Japan had conquered Manchuria and was attacking China. Britain quickly rushed to finish it, and by 1938, the naval base was done.

The defense looks strong doesn't it? There are guns in South, East and West, and one shot has enough power to take down a ship. Of course, Britain had left one spot open, which we learned from the last comic, was the North. Britain thought they couldn’t make it past the thick jungles. And as we learned from the previous comic, they were wrong. So remember, don’t underestimate the power of your enemies, especially if they are on bicycles.

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