Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our 2nd Monthday

It’s our 2nd Monthday! (Some Comics might be a bit blurred. Just click on them and you'll see them in a non-blurred version)

Yup. A plotline has finally shown itself. Surprised, aren’t you?

From now on, there will be a war between Lim Kiat and Lim and Kiat (I’m going to change Lim and Kiat’s name shortly). Lim Kiat’s side will be known as Lim Kiat Comicals. So what will Lim and Kiat’s side be? Let’s ask them.

Yup, it will be known as THE CORE. They even have their own website which is known as:

The Core Comicals

Inside the Core Comicals, I will be posting (mostly) my non-educational comics (including Monthdays). Most of the time, they won’t be very wordy, unless it’s a Monthday Celebration, so you can relax while you read the comics. Most of the comics there will usually not have anything to do with the plot.

In Lim Kiat Comicals, I will be posting educational comics, or any non-educational comics with relevance to the plot. This is so that my readers can choose what kind of comics they want to read.

And that’s mostly all. As I mentioned, each character will have to take a side, so IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, TELL ME WHICH CHARACTERS YOU WOULD WANT TO SEE TAKING WHICH SIDE. And no, my caps lock wasn’t spoilt, as I have mentioned before, there are some of my readers who don’t read any words below the comics unless they are capital and bold.

So it has been a long day, and after creating so many comics in a day, I am ready to do my homework and relax to long hours of gaming (except that I can’t, it is still the exam period after all). And now I only have one more comic to finish. Happy Monthday everyone!