Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Basic CMYK
All right, so a big explosion… I did promise that Lim would meet his death inside the gears comic.
Right, so gears are these round things with spikes poking out. Those spikes are known as teeth. Thankfully for both of us that is all you need to know to understand the rest of the post.
So, anyway, gears are usually found inside complex machinery, such as cars and machines (and torture machines). The most simple type of gear machine involves 2 gears. (Usually there’s a lot of gears inside a machine) Even 2 gears turning can help something to work faster. However, the gears must be different sizes. Why? Well, let’s look at the basic 2 gear system:
2 gears
As seen, there is a big gear and a small gear. The small gear is the one who turns the big gear. The small gear also turns much faster. (Try it out yourself) The big gear turns slower,but there is more torque. Ok, that’s all.
No, just kidding, you got to understand what IS torque. It is the turning force of the gear. In other words how much energy it can give to something at once. So the big gear has more torque, which means that if you turn the big gear 360 degrees (that means one whole circle) and the small gear 360 degrees, the big gear will produce more energy than the small gear. Imagine it like this, the small gear makes lots of energy really fast, but it can only release the energy in small bursts. The small bursts are not enough to move the car. The big gear can make enough energy to move the car, but since it does it really slowly, the car will move really slowly. But what happens with a small gear’s teeth inside the big gear’s. All the energy created by the small gear will be transferred to the big gear, to allow it to make fast yet powerful bursts of energy that power the car. Of course, in a real car, there are lots and lots of gears, not to mention the engine and the axles and pulleys, I could also explain the different types of gears, but both you and me have had enough for one day, so I’m moving out.
Basic CMYK

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