Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Find the Blind Spot!

Alright, I’ve just finished my Math exam, which means one less exam to take. Anyway, I’m planning on posting another post tomorrow, so make sure to come in and check!

For now, I am going to post this cool animation that my father made for me (below). It doesn't really have a name, so you can name it whatever you want (I’ll name it Lim, since the clothes’ colours are basically the same, even if they are reversed). Anyway, you basically have to find the weak spot (Achilles heel) of the character down there. See if you can spot it in 5 seconds.

(Hint: Where will you tickle a person?)

Okay, if you managed to find it in 5 seconds, then you win a congratulations and the pleasure of torturing your character by tickling him to death.

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