Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Backyard Monsters

Sadly, there is the time of year where computer games are almost banned completely. That’s right, it’s the exam period. Luckily for me, I am still allowed a few minutes on the computer to play games and write these comics. Anyway, I’m going to be showing a comic on a game I have been playing quite a lot these days, which is Backyard Monsters. Before I post the comic, I shall explain Backyard Monsters,

Okay, so in Backyard Monsters, you basically start with a big plot of land, which is your backyard. You can build all sorts of buildings on your backyard.Backyard Monsters Started

However, you need to pay in order to build the buildings. But you don’t pay in money, you pay in resources. There are basically 4 types of resources: Twigs, Pebbles, Putty and Goo. I’ll only be talking about 2 of these resources, Pebbles and Putty. Pebbles are miniature rocks (you probably seen some). Putty is apparently some purple, jelly-like substance (You probably never seen any).

Of course, the game can’t be too easy. Inside the game, there will be players attacking each other, mostly so that they can steal resources to build more buildings. But what do they use to attack others? Monsters! (I know, the tiltle says Backyard MONSTERS, I would never have guessed that they used monsters) There are lots of monsters to use, all with their own strengths, but inside the comic, there are only 2 monsters mentioned, basically because they are the strongest.

Project X:

project x



(Of course, there are defence towers to defend against the monsters)

So far so good. Finally, the only other part I need to talk about is the catapult. With the catapult, you can actually use the resources such as Pebbles and Putty as weapons. For example, you could catapult 10,000 Pebbles at a opponent’s building to damage it, so that your monsters will have an easier time to eat it up. However, catapulting Putty can power up your monsters, so that your monsters will be stronger. Shooting different stuff have different effects.


So I think that’s all, and without further ado, let the comic be shown:

Basic CMYK

You guys who don’t play this game, you might think it is a bit dumb, and to tell the truth, it sometimes is. However, I think the real attraction of the game is planning out all the buildings strategically, and to watch satisfyingly as it defeats all its opponents. It is sometimes also the fun of placing monsters like troops in a battle, and watching them fight with the defender’s defence, hoping that you had chosen the right monsters at the right spot to attack.

(And of course, it’s also fun to make some weird defences. Look at these:)

world cup

loot my resources

I pwn u

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