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Axis and Allies

Axis and Allies

ice age 4 edited

(I didn’t mean the movie sucks. I haven’t seen it anyway...:))

Tomorrow is English and Chinese Oral, and I am sitting here writing comics. Probably not the best way to study for an exam, but it’s great for passing the time. It’s 10 o’clock already!

Okay, so the 2 sides in World war 2 were the Allies and the Axis Powers. (It is very unlikely that they named their alliances from the above methods. Still, you never know…) The main countries on the side of the Axis Powers were Germany which was led by Hitler, Italy who was lead by Mussolini, and Japan who was led by Yamashita. The Allies had a lot more members, and strong countries on their side. Britain, U.S.A, and Russia were all main members of the Allies. Still, Germany, Italy and Japan had been building their armies, and they became very strong, the Allies had a difficult time even earning a victory over them.

The beginning of World War 2 was 1939, but one could argue that the first traces of World War 2 was at the end of the last World War 21 years ago, World War 1. Germany and Italy had been defeated, together with Austria-Hungary, by the Allies. They had been forced to give up a large amount of land and resources, and they of course felt resentful.
This is probably why they striked again in 1939.

But what about Japan? They were not involved in the Last World war, so why did they want to attack. Well, Japan had seen it’s neighbour, China, get defeated over and over again by other countries. Japan decided not to face the same fate as China. It started to build buildings at a crazy rate and soon it was a monopolized country. However, this led to overcrowding, and lack of natural resources such as oil and gas, and coal. So, it started to attack China for its land and resources, and then Yamashita soon decided that they could expand Japan even more, and launched an attack on the whole of Asia.

Of course, these were not the only countries in the Axis Powers. There were also countries like Hungary and Romania and Bulgaria and Thailand. However, they were less known. Also the Allies had many,many more, including Singapore. China was also part of the Allies. That was why when the Japanese attacked China, the Chinese in Singapore started to lash out at anything Japanese. (Maybe I should explain that in another post)

That’s all there is for the start of the war, I should probably get started on my revision. I need to get high marks for tomorrow. So goodbye, and I have just been reminded that the monthday is this Saturday. I’m signing off.

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