Monday, August 29, 2011


Basic CMYK

Right, so it’s back to making educational comics. I’ll miss those Teacher’s Day comics, I did not need to write long explanations for them.

Alright, so the comic didn’t explain much except not to use square tires on cars, so I’ll go more into it. The reason tires are great for moving things is because they can roll easily. It rolls easily because it is rounded, and because every point on the circle’s side is the same distance to the middle. This makes sure that you don’t end up with super pointy ovals that bounce up and down‘


Wheels inside cars are m ore complicated because the wheel has to be attached to the car, and there’s lots of gears and stuff to keep it attatched, but it’s basically the same structure. Some wheels also have axles in the middle of them, which actually help to power the wheel. If you read my comic about axles and pulleys, then you probably won’t be very happy that I am bringing it up again. So I’ll just try to make it as simple as possible. So basically, the inside of the wheel rubs against the outside of the axle. Just like gears, when they turn against each other, they move. So when the outside of the wheel turns against the ground, the axle also turns. However, the axle turns many times more, because like gears, when the smaller turns against the bigger, the smaller will turn many times more. Since the axle is smaller, it turns against the bigger wheel. The axle is also the one connected to the car itself, so the axle turns more times if you had just used a wheel. So that is why wheels are better with axles.

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