Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Basic CMYKr

Alright it’s getting a bit late right now, so I’ll post a short midnight comic before getting some sleep.

So I’ll start with the usual intros, the strength of something is how much weight it can take before it breaks. Things like paper are not as strong as things like stone, which of course is a bit obvious. It might be strange that glass is also a strong material, because glass is known to be easily broken. This is because glass is brittle. Brittleness is completely different from strength. However, I shall not go into a full explanation because it is getting late, and I am feeling a bit tired. You just have to know that brittleness is not the same as strength. Brittleness is how easy things can break when dropped. Strength is how easy things can break when there is weight on top of it. See the difference?

To test how strong something is, you will need 2 supports to put your material on top of. your material, and lots and lots of weights.

Your material should be in a plank(er) shape (as shown below in diagram). Firstly, put your material on top of your 2 supports. Then add your first weight to it (let’s say 10kg). If it breaks, then it is something that cannot hold up 10kg of weight. If it doesn't break, then congratulations, your material can hold up 10kg of weight. Then repeat the set-up with 20kg. If it survives then move it up to 30kg. Then 40kg. Then 50kg. Do you see what we are doing here? We are adding weights so that we can find out how much a material can stand. If it breaks it is weaker than that amount of weights.

Basic CMYK

Another thing to look out for is how heavy 1 weight is. If you’re testing which pasta strands are stronger, 10kg weights won’t help at all. Instead you can use 5g weights (eg.marbles) at a time. On the other hand, if you’re testing on rock, you’re probably need to go at 50kg at a time to get some results.

Oh yeah, so you’re wondering, what was the deal I wanted to make. Well, I can’t tell you until the next comic, because that will spoil the suspense. However, for those who have taken the painstaking job of reading through all this, I will just say that I managed to secure the deal, therefore I am not dead! (Yeah, I know, what a surprise)

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