Saturday, August 6, 2011

The founding of modern Singapore (The story of Sir Stamford Raffles)- Part 3

Raffles Part 3

Hopefully everybody out there is having a good weekend, because I certainly am not. There’s the portfolio final draft, IRS result compilation AND an English Compo, not a good week.

Anyway, that’s enough of my personal life, as usual I ‘ll start off with the usual disclaimers, Raffles probably wasn’t like this in real life and it’s only in the name of humour and I have nothing against Raffles. (I am such a liar)

You might also be wondering who the retired Sultan. Truth be told, he didn’t really retire. It was more of forced retirement. His name was Hussein Shah (it’s inside the comic). Like a good king, he inherited the throne from his father. Then, his younger brother took his throne when he went overseas and soon everything got messed up. He was then exiled to an island offshore Singapore. He only got back his throne when Raffles gave it back to him. Even that didn’t help much, because he still had very little power over Singapore. He died in September, 1835, a dispirited man.

On a final note, $416 might seem a small amount, but remember that the further back you go into history, the more money is worth. (Ask your parents, they’ll nod and go on a ramble about how a bowl of noodles only cost a few cents back in their times.) Back then, $416 was enough to get yourself a giant palace with servants and your own land and some stuff to spare.

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