Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Founding of Modern Singapore- Part 3

Basic CMYK

The English exams are over, which means only Maths and Chinese left to go. I’m pretty sure that my teacher is having a wonderful time marking my super duper fabulous range of answers. Of course, all of you out there would absolutely love to know more about my private life but we’ll have to leave it at there. Isn’t that sad?

Anyway, the comic says it all, Raffles went back to Singapore after 4 years to find that Farquhar had allowed slave trade and gambling, as well as lousy planning of houses. As a result, he got fired. Obviously, I lied about the statue, like I said in my last post about Raffles, there were too little resources to do things like that.

You might be wondering what Raffles was doing for the 4 years. Well, he was caught up in the famous war between the British and the Dutch. Except that it wasn’t fighting. Nope, it was a letter war. They wrote angry letters back and forth to each other, hoping that one of them would give in. Naturally, nothing good could come out of this kind of thing. At the end, people would come out wiser and look back and see how foolish they were. For some people however, it’s just too late:

Farquhar's Grave

(Of course Britain still won the letter war, but it was a whole 4 years wasted, while they could be focusing on developing Singapore)


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