Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Different Government Systems (Communism, Socialism and Capitalism)

Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism is a hard topic to explain, and the original comic was a 4 part special on how it worked.

However, thanks to our comedian celebrities, Lim and Kiat, you only have to endure one page of mind-numbingly boring facts before you can get back with your lives. So let’s give out two guests a round of applause as they enter this blog.

Note: Any claims that the characters mentioned here are fake and just made up from the comic creator’s name in a desperate attempt to make his website more credible are completely unfounded.

Government Systems

Alright, so the comic probably wasn’t very clear on how different government systems work and so on. So, basically there are 3 different and distinct types of governments. They are known as Communism, Socialism and Capitalism.

Communist governments basically gives everyone the same. They give you the same amount of food, water, housing, utilities, clothes, money, technology, education, jewelry, necklaces, books, toys, soap, pens, pencils, erasers, tissues, toothbrushes, paper, rulers, light bulbs, anti-teacher deodorant, and basically everything else. They also choose your jobs for you. While this might not seem too bad, imagine if you were chosen to be a suicide bomber. While here at Lim Kiat Comicals, we respect the sacrifices and courage need for suicide bombers to help their country, imagine if you were forced to do it, against your will. Of course, not everything about communist governments is bad, if everyone is happy with the stuff they have, then there will be no fighting or quarreling or rioting. Unfortunately, all Communist governments don’t last very long, because in the end someone comes upon it and messes it up again, and the whole thing falls apart.

Capitalist Governments are the exact opposite of Communist governments. They are NOT equal. The rich are SUPER RICH and the poor are SUPER POOR. Mostly these kind of governments are just there to make profit. That’s right they are there to make $$$. Your country can reap in lots of profits, but you better hope that you are part of the government, because the citizens receive very little pay.

Socialist Governments is more in the middle of the last two. People are paid on the AMOUNT and IMPORTANCE of work they do. Are you confused yet? Hopefully not. If you are than try to think about it this way, in most countries, if you are boss of a business, you will probably earn more than a bathroom attendant. Therefore, according to the system, a boss is more IMPORTANT than a bathroom attendant. (Although this is usually not true, as bosses usually sit around earning money and telling people to do things while bathroom attendants spend hours making our restrooms a better place to go to). Also, you probably know that Full time workers earn more money than part time workers. Why? Because Full time workers’ AMOUNT of work done is more than the part time worker’s AMOUNT of work.

Although this is supposed to be the 3 types of goverments, most countries usually land in between 2 of them. This can make things horribly confusing. However, the good news is that they can be neatly mapped out in the picture below. As said, Communism and Capitalism are opposites, and Socialism is in between. So, everything is possible to be seen in a straight line.

There is also no need to apply Communism, Socialism and Capitalism just for governments. You can also apply on other things, like the amount of homework the teacher gives to everyone.


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