Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Development of Modern Singapore-Part 2

Founding of modern Singapore Part 2

Ok, so by now you should realize that my comics are getting increasingly less funny This is probably the reason for my number of pageviews getting increasingly less. Unfortunately, I still need to write these comics for my 3 remaining devoted fans (Me,myself and I), so here I go again.

So Farquhar did all that stuff to Singapore. He got rid of the bugs, built houses, increased trade, sent boats to stop piracy from happening. He also made a police force, but it had less than 20 policemen inside, and they didn’t wear uniforms. Besides the lousy police force, he also allowed gambling dens and slave trade, and he just let people build houses wherever they wanted (eg.on the streets, in the sea, in the trees etc.)

I don’t really feel like going on too much, so I’ll just leave it here. However, before I leave this post, here are some great google parodies that I got from vsauce:

Google Gravity



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