Sunday, July 31, 2011

The founding of modern Singapore (The story of Sir Stamford Raffles)–Part 2

Raffles Part 2

Again, I apologize to all Raffles fans, because it is highly unlikely that he had ever callled his assistant “Bahquar” (especially since it hasn’t been invented yet). But of course, it’s all in the name of humour.

Actually, Farquhar wasn’t actually Raffles’ personal assistant. He was just there to help Raffles to find a good island to make a port.

Now, William Bahquar,,,I mean Fahquhar, was the first British resident of Singapore. This basically means he was the first British person to live inside that place. He was also the 6th Resident of Malaya (now known as Malaysia).

He had a career as an engineer, in which he fought against the Dutch (Netherlands) over Malaya. Then, he blew all their buildings up. Eventually, he got a job as a Full Captain of the British Army. Then, he was then forced to become Raffles’ assistant. Still, he couldn’t complain, as he became The Official Commandment of Singapore (which is all very impressive). Unfortunately, he got sacked by Raffles later on, but he still became a Major-General when he retired to Scotland., so it couldn’t be all bad.

He eventually died 11th May 1839. He was 65 years old.

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